More than weight loss with clean eating: Healthy skin, bright eyes and more energy

I can also agree that getting more veggies and fruits in my diet has helped to improve my skin, which has been clearing up with the acne scars I had. The first thing I noticed was that I was more mentally alert when I began making smoothies at home in my kitchen around November and December 2013,

before I switched to buying them at my favorite Robek’s smoothie store every morning.

It was amazing that I’d go for the better part of the day just drinking smoothies from the pitcher of mixed up kale and fruits that I kept in the fridge. Since I was so busy with writing assignments, it helped that I didn’t have to leave the house – and the change in diet helped me focus very sharply on what I was writing.

I loved it. But once I tasted those yummy smoothies with Greek yogurt, kale, spinach, cucumbers, strawberries, acai, and loads of other fruits all mixed up and blended to a smooth perfection with the powerful Vitamix blenders at the smoothie store, there was no going back.



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